Photoresist Development Chemical

Droplet Formation Oil Kit

Droplet generation application inside microfluidic devices need oil phase and mixed with surfactant for more stabilised droplets. Two kits are provided regarding the application of researcher.

First kit consists of fluorinated oil and fluorinated surfactant molecules containing fluorinated alkyl chain. The chemicals are in two seperate tubes and can be mixed regarding the application freshly.

The second kit includes the same molecules of first kit and additionally a diamino functionalized surfactant for the aqueous phase to build a more stable droplet up to 90°C.

Resulting droplets inside microchannels are suitable for different applications as chemical reactions, hydroegl bead formation, PCR analysis, and single cell culture. The fluorinated oil and surfactant combination provides air permeability and thus cell viability. Typical oil/surfactant ratio is 100:0.5 to 100:5 v/v.

Droplet generation kit packages include 20 mL of fluorinated oil and 2 mL of fluorinated surfactant. The second kit addition is 2mL diamino functionalized surfactant for the aqueous phase.