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We are planning to attend and present at these future conference and expos. Hope to see you also.

     22-25 March 2018 EXPOMED; the biggest medical fair in Turkey and the wider Eurasian region, is preparing to welcome more than 800 brands and brand representatives from over 40 countries in 2018 with a platform that will showcase the latest technology in the health sector, R&D and products that are marvels of innovation.

     19-21 April 2018 PharmaNext; the pharmaceutical industry will face industry experts with the most advanced know-how and applications, from basic research and development activities to the latest products manufactured by advanced technology. Experts and institutions will showcase their advanced technology and know-how through various exhibitions, events and presentations.

     10-13 May 2018 THED Embryology Congress; NehirBT will present about the organ-on-a-chips at this scientific conference which is covering developmental biology, cell/molecular biology,stem cells, cellular therapies, regenerative/reconstructive medicine, fertilization techniques, tumor biology, biomedical engineering and bioinformatics.

     15-17 July 2018 EMBL Microfluidics Conference; aims to bring together top researchers in the field and to spark scientific exchange, also across different disciplines. The latest Lab-on-a-Chip technologies and applications will be presented, which should be of major interest for experts as well as scientists looking for a first glance at this exciting new technology.

and possible more to meet and talk you face to face.